Creating brighter lives for all

          Our purpose

          Playing our part in a changing world

          DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company specializing in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. Our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. We achieve it by using all the scientific and innovation power at our disposal to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges - creating value for customers, shareholders, our people, and society-at-large.


          Doing well by doing good

          A short decade ago the general belief was that as a company you either focused on driving profit or safeguarding the planet - but not both. In the intervening years we’ve proved again and again here at DSM that it really is possible to do well by doing good. After all, why achieve commercial success in a world that fails?

          It’s a belief that every one of our 23,000 people worldwide holds dear - and delivers on each and every day across the fields of Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity.

          In fact, we’re so passionate about building a better world that our company strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (five in particular) that were agreed at the United Nations’ Paris Agreement in 2015.

          Purpose-led, Performance-driven

          To make our ambitions of boosting economic prosperity, environmental progress and societal advancement a reality, we’ll continue to be Purpose-led and Performance-driven.

          It’s the best way we know of ensuring that we keep growing, and that our bright science continues to create solutions that make life brighter for people everywhere - both today and for generations to come.

          Our solutions

          We’re living in a wonderful yet slightly topsy-turvy world full of contradictions, where nearly a billion people are obese while two billion are undernourished. A world where a new middle class is hungry for animal (and new plant-based) proteins; where ‘healthier’ people are living longer yet need more help than ever to stay that way. And where the effects of climate change are causing record skin cancers. How can we possibly tackle all these challenges - and create science that benefits the many (not the few)?

          At DSM we started out life over 100 years ago making our living from coal. Now we’re helping the world to live without it. For us, the arguments over how and why we’re in the grip of climate change are old news. We need to stop using fossils, transition to a low-carbon economy, and - based on the latest data from sustainability leaders like the?Carbon Project?and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?- we need to do it fast. So at DSM that’s exactly what our solutions and innovations are helping achieve…

          Our world is a sphere. Mother nature is a perfect circle of efficiency. So why has our society chosen to live in linear straight lines? At DSM we’re trying to change this through a range of products and innovations that help us move away from a throwaway and wasteful culture to one where we preserve the natural resources we have, and get the very most from what we use, today and for our future generations.

          SDGs and DSM’s strategy

          How and why have we aligned ourselves with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

          Bright Science in action

          What makes our approach at DSM unique?

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          • Our strategy

            Our strategy centers on our continuing evolution towards being a Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living company. It’s called Growth & Value – Purpose-led, Performance-driven.

          • Our heritage

            How did we transform over past century from Dutch coal miners to a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living?

          • External recognition

            We’re always delighted when our efforts to create brighter lives for all are recognized by others.

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