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          DSM is a global science-based company operating in the fields of Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. Our business is centered around developing innovative solutions and large innovation projects addressing Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity to drive above market growth.

          Why invest in DSM?

          DSM is positioned to drive continued above market organic growth and deliver further improvement in profitability, shareholder return and sustainability as we execute Strategy 2021.

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          The Annual Results published on 13 February confirm DSM delivered a good financial performance for the year and achieved the key milestones in the first year of its Strategy 2021.

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          In 2019 DSM celebrated the 30th anniversary of its privatisation and our ordinary shares being listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


          We provide nutritional solutions for animal health and human well-being, serving the global feed, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, infant nutrition, dietary supplements and personal care industries.

          Animal Nutrition & Health

          Sales: ↑€2,892 (2018: €2,749)
          Organic Growth: ↑4%
          Volume Growth: ↑2%
          Price Growth: ↑2%


          Sales: ↑€2,046 (2018: €1,989)
          Organic Growth: ↓1%
          Volume Growth: ↑2%
          Price Growth: ↓3%

          Food Specialties

          Sales: ↑€572 (2018: €490)
          Sales: ↑17%
          Organic Growth: ↑4

          Personal Care

          Sales: ↑€425 (2018: €382)
          Sales: ↑11%
          Organic Growth: ↑9%


          Adjusted EBITDA1

          Adjusted EBITDA Margin1

          1) Underlying business, net of temporary vitamin effect


          Advanced and high-performance materials for the electrical & electronics, automotive, packaging, consumer goods, life protection, transportation and telecom industries.

          DSM Engineering Materials

          Sales: ↓€1,406 (2018: €1,516)
          Organic Growth: ↓10%

          DSM Protective Materials

          Sales: ↓€338 (2018: €344)
          Organic Growth: ↓4%

          DSM Resins

          Sales: ↓€1,002 (2018: €1,053)
          Organic Growth: ↓6%


          Adjusted EBITDA

          Adjusted EBITDA Margin

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          Investor contacts

          Our Investor Relations team are based in Heerlen, the Netherlands. The team provides key facts and figures, as well as shareholder information, to current and potential shareholders of DSM and to analysts. To that effect Investor Relations plans, prepares and organizes the written and oral communications with (potential) shareholders and financial analysts, deals with the stock exchange authorities and maintains the necessary databases, websites and brochures.?

          Dave Huizing

          Vice President
          Investor Relations
          +31 45 578 2864

          Sandra Segers

          PA to Dave Huizing
          Investor Relations
          +31 45 578 2864

          Anna Morello

          Investor Relations
          +31 45 578 2282

          Marc Silvertand

          Investor Relations
          +31 45 578 2348

          Daniel Uribe

          Investor Relations
          +31 45 578 2864

          Petra Volk

          Support Officer
          Investor Relations
          +31 45 578 2511

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            We believe in doing business the right way: from our management and supervisory boards, to our code of business conduct, to our position papers and statements on key industry issues.

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