Advanced biomedical materials

          Delivering a clear vision for eye treatment

          Keeping an eye on good health

          Good vision is essential for quality of life. However, as people age, their risk of developing retinal disease and other debilitating eye conditions increases exponentially. As a leading developer of innovative biomedical materials, DSM was looking for ways to improve on existing drug therapies used in addressing?this growing problem.


          Dropping the drops

          The eye is a particularly complex area of the body to treat. A key success factor in any eye therapy is whether the patient receives the right medicine dosage, over the right period of time, and in the right location. Though commonly used to deliver treatment, eye drops can be difficult for patients and caregivers to administer. What’s more, drops typically fail to penetrate the eye well, making it difficult to deliver the correct concentration of the medicine. As such, many so-called retinal diseases that affect the back of the eye require regular localized needle injections, often up to once a month, causing significant discomfort and disruption to patients’ lives.

          Releasing a new solution

          Recognizing this unmet clinical need, DSM’s Biomedical business team developed an innovative sustained release drug delivery solution: a small injectable biodegradable polymer fiber is loaded with medicine and then targeted at a specific location in the eye and then released over multiple months until the fiber degrades. Additional fibers can be injected over time for continuous therapy. In this way our innovation offers a much more targeted and consistent alternative to traditional eye drug delivery practices.


          With DSM’s sustained-release delivery solution we are helping people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. The greatest long-term benefit may be to older individuals who are at a higher risk of developing eye-related illnesses; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), of the 253 million people affected by blindness and vision impairment, 81% are aged fifty or older. Furthermore, by enabling more successful treatment solutions at a patient level, the solution can help ease the growing socio-economic impact of eye disease in rapidly aging populations, such as in Europe, North America and Japan.


          A key step forward in our objective has been commercializing our solution through a strategic collaboration and license agreement with Aerie Pharmaceuticals, a leading ophthalmic pharmaceutical company. The partnership is helping to bring DSM’s innovation to millions of patients around the world and will potentially enable better treatment for a wide range of ophthalmic conditions.

          The strong value proposition of our solution gives us a competitive edge, which we can replicate in other fields of medicine where sustained-release drug delivery may be beneficial.

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