Striving for a world without waste

          Our world is a sphere. Mother nature is a perfect circle of efficiency. So why has our society chosen to live in linear straight lines? At DSM we’re trying to change this through a range of products and innovations that help us move away from a throwaway and wasteful culture to one where we preserve the natural resources we have, and get the very most from what we use, today and for our future generations. How do we do it? At DSM we use the principles of reduce, replace, extend, enable & recover to make circularity a reality…

          Enabling new product design

          Our Niaga? Technology is a revolutionary product design concept already being applied to carpets and mattresses. Traditionally, the underside of a carpet is formed of various layers glued together and attached to latex. Separating these layers while ensuring they remain at good enough quality for recycling is simply too difficult – which results in some 4.5 billon square meters of carpet waste each year. Niaga Technology enables the making of products like carpet using just one non-toxic material - which in turn enables a 100% recyclable carpet, produced with up to 90% less energy.?

          Replacing fish with algae

          The positive health benefits of the Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA are well known, especially for cardiovascular health and cognitive development. Fish is an excellent natural source, both for humans and salmon aquaculture - but this is putting severe strain on wild fish numbers. Today some 17% of all wild-caught fish is used to produce fish oil and fishmeal. Which is why we teamed up with Evonik to form the Veramaris??joint venture. It uses natural marine algae as its raw material for EPA and DHA instead of fish - with a huge impact on the health of the world’s oceans. To make the equivalent of 1kg of algae-based?Veramaris would take 60kg of wild-caught fish.

          Recovering organic waste

          Our Decovery? eco-friendly resin literally binds paint together for manufacturers – but once that paint is applied…it can’t be recovered. So our scientists designed Decovery with up to 50% plant-based content, reducing the use of fossils and chemicals - and replacing them with recoverable seeds, tree bark and other agricultural waste (with no compromise on performance). Meanwhile our waterborne paint resins are replacing solvents – with a hugely positive effect on the health of both people and the planet, for example in China.?

          Extending product life

          Our Dyneema Purity? fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, making it the strongest medical fiber in the world. For medical device designers and manufacturers it means that they no longer have to sacrifice quality for strength when creating implantable orthopaedic and cardiovascular devices - literally strengthening the lives of millions of people around the world. A unique combination of biocompatibility, mechanical strength and pliability mean that Dyneema Purity enables therapeutic repairs that last longer.

          Reducing food waste

          Our Pack-Age??cheese packaging offers an ingenious way of protecting the product against the growth of mold during natural ripening, thus delivering a fantastic, fresh cheese to the consumer. The science behind Pack-Age is based on a moisture-permeable, breathable membrane that eliminates the need for an inedible crust, which means less edible cheese is wasted. Furthermore, the increased packaging efficiency lowers the carbon footprint of cheese production by 10%. If all the world’s naturally ripened Gouda & Parmesan cheeses were ripened with Pack-Age, we’d save 3.6 billion liters of milk; 200,000 tons less cheese would be wasted; and there would be €200 million more profit to share throughout the value chain.

          Resources & Circularity SDGs

          Our Resources & Circularity?products and solutions address three of the most important SDGs:

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            From animal and human nutrition & health to medical devices; from solar technology to biofuels; from sustainable plastics and resins to venturing…our businesses are here to bring value to all stakeholders.

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