Resources & Circularity

          Improving our resource efficiency

          Improving our performance

          By using resources more efficiently and replacing fossil-based materials with more renewable ones we are demonstrating that it’s possible to build a more circular world.?


          More efficient use of resources

          Our drive for greater resource efficiency focuses on two key areas; sourcing of renewables and the management of the waste we generate and water we use in our operations.

          Renewable sourcing

          Renewable resources are essential for securing resource availability into the future and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by putting carbon back 'in the loop'.?Some 14.3% of our spend on raw materials came from renewable sources in 2018.


          Today at DSM we recycle 83% of our waste, which is in line with our ambition to recycle 80-90% in 2020. We also reduced the amount of non-hazardous waste going to landfill by 67% between 2010 and 2015. Not only that, we view waste as a valuable resource, and aim to get more value from it through improvement projects wherever possible. For example, in 2018 we completed a project at our manufacturing facility in Dalry, UK, where a waste stream was repurposed to produce fertilizers.

          Water stewardship

          We recognize that water management is an essential part of ongoing risk mitigation and environmental impact reduction strategies. We believe that water risks are local by nature, and we therefore focus on local water risk assessments (and thorough follow-up). In 2018 we completed water risk assessments at all of our material water sites.

          We are committed to measuring, tracking and continually improving our water stewardship as well as our position as a global sustainability leader within the chemical sector. In fact, from 2017 to 2018 our water consumption decreased to?22 million m3.


          We work with all kinds of organizations - from governments and NGOs to academia and other private companies - to shape and influence the circular economy agenda.

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          • Our operations

            DSM takes its global environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This goes beyond our own operations to that of our suppliers, customers, and end-users.

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